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Main activity fields of the network corresponding with the objectives are:
Qualification To care for its member’s information, training and qualification in view of technical, organisational and management skills, which are necessary for a modern automotive supplier, especially in the sector of quality maanagement.

Members benefit:
More effective and more economical running of the companies under automotive conditions.
Members will become competent discussion partners in starting cooperations and know-how transfers, preparation for international activities.


Information and communication Developing and running a close information exchange between network management and members, partner networks, customers, state organizations, financial organizations, business and R&D entities n national and international frame.

Members benefit:
Fast flow of information to the competent point as a base for the fast and effective response.
Same information level.
Exchange of experience feeds common base of know how.


Marketing Advertising and image building of network and region, presentation of the network and its members at trade fairs and meetings, presentation of its members to the potential customers local and abroad.

Members benefit:
Rising of the public knowledge of the network and its members.
Possibilities for and of members’ presentation.
Possibilities for lobbying.


Cooperation Defining and seeking of cooperation projects within the network or with national or international companies, especially in the field of innovation. Project management of cooperation projects.
Cooperation with networks - national and international.

Members benefit:
Support in finding partners and cooperation management.
Participation in cooperation projects with its increasing know how.
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